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When we speak about silicone’s we speak about chemistry. Nothing natural which is provided by nature. Its cheap chemistry added to cosmetic products in haircare and what they do for you we will find out here.

Which positive effect the silicon’s can have in the hair care products!

The theory says that there are some good effects which are related to to silicons. That was the main reason that manufacturers added them in the hair care products.

They can provide slip & look and can help to straighten the hair, giving them a better glow. They protect the hair and make them smooth. Haircare products with silicone polymers have in theory advantageous that they can make damaged hair look nice and smooth.

The Negatives!!!

Silicone is a seal. Its a unnatural substance which seals each hair strand. The good effects are only a chemical illusion, it is a fake glow and not what we want for our hair.

Silicones cover each hair shaft. The silicone cover is water resistant and will put more weight on the hair which will make it lifeless.

So is not possible that humidity will get into the hair. The silicone layer keep also off essential vitamin’s getting into and protecting the hair. So over the time it will dry the hair and make it frizz and the hair will finally break because of the silicone layer.

Particularly for curly hair silicone polymers are particular bad, because most curly hair is dry by nature. Compared to straight hair on curly hair the silicons are producing much more damage and are even harder to remove. Also the silicone polymer built up will get stuck on the curls, weighing the hair down and causing a bad look to the curls.

The silicone “built up” effect

Silicones are very water-resistant. So they will not wash out easy. Since the silicone will not be removed between the hair treatments, it will add a layer of silicon every time you use a shampoos or conditioner with silicone. Which is called “Built Up” effect. One layer is added over the other.

Tests did show when hair feels greasy, consumer especially woman will wash and style their hair even more. That leads to additional damage if you use silicon containing haircare. Meaning these extra care is not helping at all to improve the condition of your hair. This is called cycle of damage.

Finding silicons in haircare !

Silicone in hair products are not so easy to spot, because there names have a huge variation. We would highly recommend not using any type of silicons in your haircare. “silly-cones” they are called as well.

When you like to stop using them you must be able to find them as well. There are plenty of names, but mostly the endings “cone” and “xane” indicating the silicons.

Always check the ingredients of the hair care products. Don’t believe everything they mention on the front of the hair product. Check the back and the ingredient list and if not sure use the internet. Weblogs like https://silikonfreieshampoos.de, show you the silicone free haircare products in the market.

What you can use instead of silicones!!!

The industry is processing new materials like OFPMA to exchange the silicons. With OFPMA the hairstyle stays much longer since OFPMA controls the moisture flux.

We prefer not only silicone polymer free hair shampoos and conditioner. We recommend all natural haircare. Its not necessary to pollute the haircare with chemistry. There are great natural ingredients which protect and clean your hair in a natural way. Thats the way to natural beautiful hair.