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Just because it’s very important to cleanse your physical body from time to time, it’s also very important to understanding the third eye. You can’t view your chakras, nevertheless they’re your energy facilities are as much part of your body as your lungs or colon is.

These are nine simple steps and are an excellent way to start cleaning the chakras.

1.) Start off by shutting your eyes. Start to concentrate on your breathing, Breath deeply through your nostrils, then exhale through your mouth.

2.) Envision a white light coming from above and flowing throughout your entire body,sweeping off and cleanse yourself of negativity. The rest is drawn from the human body and moved from the ground.

3.) Next imagine a red vortex of energy rotation slowly in the bottom of the spine. It’s your Root Chakra linking you to the ground. When it spins, it’s cleansing you of the impurities contained inside you.

4.) Start to imagine a orange vortex of energy today, located just below your navel. It’s that your Sacral type of sexuality. Since it spins it disturbs you just like others.

5.) Just under your rib cage, then imagine a yellowish vortex of energy that will be the Solar Plexus Chakra. Watch it twist and cleansing your entire body.

6.) At the middle of your torso, a green vortex of energy seems. This is the Heart Chakra. Watch it twist and cleansing your entire body.

7.) A glowing blue rectangle appears next on your throat. Watch start to twist slowly and cleanse you.

8.) A gorgeous indigo chakra ultimately appears in the center of the forehead. This is the Third Eye Chakra. It spins and gradually cleanses the mind of any negative ideas. You start to feel increased self awareness.