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The one negative I’ve about writing content is that however careful you’re at rewriting, you put yourself at danger of getting your posts blocked from the content directories due to duplicate content.

But if rewriting content is something you wish to do then be certain that the stuff that you simply doesn’t appear anywhere on your own site. Because if something you’ve written has blocked by means of a directory and it looks on your site, then your site will be banned also – i.e.. It’ll be eliminated the Google, MSN and the rest of the popular directories.

Here are a few tips that can help you to be a good article rewriter readily and efficiently:

#1 – Require an article you would like to rewrite. It’s best if it’s one that you’ve written yourself. But if the content you’ve is from the other source then that’s fine. Next you wish to spot three or four fundamental phrases of text. For instance two fundamental phrases in what I am writing today could be “rewrite” and “post “.

#2 – You need to replace the four or three words with phrases that are extremely similar in significance. Replace every one of those words with words that are synonymous. A synonym for “rewrite” could be “redraft”, “amend” or “rephrase”. Use whatever synonym you feel comfortable with and that makes your writing simple to read.

#3 – Some of the simpler methods to substitute every one of the fundamental phrases is to utilize the ‘search’ and ‘substitute ‘ facility available on your word processing program. I’m using Microsoft Word. If you’re using another word-processing program you’ll need to do a little searching to get the facility.