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This guide is for new gamers and will teach one of the most important sections of Clash Royale. If you would like to get ahead in the match fast, read this.

Clash Royale is a game developed by Supercell after inspirations in the famous hit game, Clash of all Clans. It’s a tactical mini-game which needs constructing your own pair of deck enclosing the competitor’s deck. It premiered worldwide on March 2016 and won the 2016 Google play award.

The objective of the game is straightforward, to conquer your opponent by destroying their towers. There is a time limit however, whoever ruin the king’s tower, wins the game. If nevertheless you were not able to ruin your competitor’s sins tower in just 3 minutes, there’s an overtime extension for one more moment for the first participant to destroy the competitor’s crown tower.

You will begin the game in the training camp at which there’s a simple tutorial. It will teach you the simple game play of how it’s played. From supporting troops into leveling up your cards, then you’re given 7 coaching conflicts to get familiar with your cards and its applications. Every game you will get a Wooden Chest which in which you are going to receive your fundamental cards to your initial deck. In the past Wooden Chest, there’s an arbitrary Epic card which will be offered to you. From then, you will be on your way to Arena 1, dueling actual players.